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Call Me Anti Royalist But......

Posted on May 2, 2015 at 5:23 PM of course we at FCW want to celebrate new life coming into the world...And Prince William and Katie seem (at least in terms public image) good descent people but we just cannot understand the outpouring of "love" from complete and utter strangers.Nor the crazy media focus! Equally, we think of the 1000's pf baby's "born" today in this world of lesser mortals, which will not get any press attention.Some of whom may struggle to survive due to economic deprivation and social injustice.

But the thing that really bugs us is the wealth and power this young couple enjoy...Agreed they cant be directly blamed for that (they didn't ask for it or the system that makes it so) and William had a tough start to life by anyone's standards -but as a nation we need to rethink how the Royal Family fits with modern Britain...Such a lot needs to be done about genuine and huge divisions in society and the many economic disadvantages millions of the UK population have to endure ie food banks the homeless etc....How much money was invested in reporting the birth today? Why do people feel such warmth to a couple who actually they don't really know and never will?  If a fraction of that focus of love were made to strangers who are homeless on the streets what a difference that could make...Or how about showing that love to people we actually do have in our lives?...

We are not anti monarchy We believe a reformed system would have a genuine place for a Royal Family and we think they are a huge part of the fabric of Britain both historically,, and  constitutionally, and act as a counter weight of power to the political class.

We also acknowledge that William and Harry have made fantastic efforts in modernizing the Royal Family and we think of there superb work for the armed forces, many charity's and indeed the homeless....They seem genuine good achieving  people who do real genuine work for a living.and YES...we think they are great role models.But please, why at such a cost to the UK tax payer? That doesn't stack when we have so much work to do in the UK((indeed the world) to redress an in-balance in resource availability. Many of society's ills with correct resource planning could be assisted. And that would really be a reason to celebrate and may ease some of the austerity measures millions of people in the world currently endure with all the uncertainty that brings them.

All of that said, it IS a good news story and WE ARE really happy for any couple who are celebrating a new child into there lives and world today..And so to them (and that includes William and Katie) please accept our heartfelt congratulations.

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