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Brexit Approaching

Posted on January 30, 2018 at 1:30 PM
Hi Gang...well firstly it has been "a little while" since I posted anything on here...I hope everyone is well...and its good to be back.

In the midst of Brexit and the vote thereof I suffered a personal tragedy which has reshaped my landscape...the loss of my beloved dad.

Dad (Andy) was a huge inspiration to me and a smashing bloke

I dedicate all my blogs that have gone before and to come very much to him. Dad was a grey voter in the referendum...Of a generation that could remember WW1 / WW2 and all the developments the world has seen before and since.

In the press he would be odds on to vote for brexit...but he didn't (and it was to be in fact the last vote he ever cast.)

To say I am proud of his insight is an understatement. He read through the bullish comments of the leavers. I hasten to add he was in no way influenced by me...Dad was very much his own man.

OK...for anyone that has talked to me privately, its fair to say I would be labelled a re-moaner ! But in the end of it all I am a democrat and I do accept the country's decision. But guys, we really have to get this right...and as of date of this blog I fear we are getting it very wrong.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and to expect the Europeans to fold over and give us the concessions of full membership without the responsibility seems in my view immature and over optimistic to the extreme. We need to engage and accept that if we are to continue to prosper in the European Economic zone we must strike deals and accept consequences, and yes, that just may mean free movement (but perhaps controlled free movement) The argument that they need us as much as we need them, although seductive in its overtones is not the reality we face....They have a massive market V we have a big market and in such a contest massive wins...Doesn't matter how much you wave the union flag..

I believe in our nation, our proud heritage and all of our accomplishments. I love our people and I love our way of life....but I happen to feel European as well as British, and I think a lot of people (at least 48% of them) feel the same. The re moaners deserve a voice because they have as much at stake as any - Remember during brexit debates a certain Nigel Farrage commented that such a split in the vote in "favour" of remain would not in his view constitute the end of the debate nor indeed  the referendum, but now that the brexit voters have there way...(!!) we have no say...As they say in A level English, discuss.....

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